Who says you can only be a good photographer when you got the best camera. Well, I believe you can do better when your camera is for the pro and your lenses are great enough to capture even the most distant things.

I am a photographer, yet not a pro. In this blog I’m showing you how I worked with an ordinary digital camera and challenging myself to a job that shows an edge even in a very limited gadget.

Yes, I’m proud to say I’m using silver BenQ DC C1450. It’s has 14.0 megapixels CCD (1/2.3″) and got as much as 4320×3240(4:3) pixels. It has also a 3x optical zoom (35.5-106.5mm, 1:2.9-1:5.4) and 5x digital zoom with 2.7″ TFT colour display (230000 pixels). This may not be much but I’m trying to show how will it work with my little skills.

What I’m trying to say is, if you have the desire to work on what you love, your limitations can never stop you with that.