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Golden Wings

Being Lay Low

These days, there are things that made me preoccupied. Things that bother me and causing sleeplessness. At night things turn dark but in my head are flashing lights of what lies ahead for me and my family. Everything has turned well and yet I can’t help but worried for my two kids.

This picture made me reflect for a while. Normally butterflies fly here and there to search for food. It actually helps them a lot. But I thought staying lay low could also help me think better and be productive.Worrying doesn’t really help at all. The future is the futures concern not here and now.

Couple Snails

Yellow Butterfly




This is a snail I took in our backyard. Normally they come out after the rain and they are pretty abundant that if you’re lucky, you can collect as much as a half kilo. This type of snail normally climbs on the branches of trees and bushes. They are also tricky. Normally they blend on the leaves and branches making them hard to find. This snail is from the family of Giant African Snails and can be eaten since they are edible.


My husband is preoccupied with his squash. He’s raising a few dozens of them just to have fun and to learn the process along the way. He loves cultivating the land. A little primitive but I believe it is as good as ever.

Connecting the land and nature is the best way to understand them. Supplemental reading also help a lot. And these days he discover a few problems. One of them is the Yellow Squash Beetles. They are small but terrible. They eat the squash leaves and the fruits as well.

Well, I don’t know how dangerous they are anyway. So instead, I just grab my camera and took a picture. Hoping other people knows about it and get informed or give information about it. I would be more delighted.



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