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The Early Star

The park’s foot paths are great.

Emote Singing

Stolen Moment

Unusual Ride

The dog got an unusual ride by his owner. Sitting still on top of the three-wheels, a brown dog fine it comfortable looking around the park while accompanying his owner.

My daughter is a bit curious about the three little rabbits who is greeting her as she is coming close to their cage.

The barriers or the security fences are made up of huge blue nylon ropes attached in a concrete curved like wood or logs.

They are placed along side of the pond and made to secure the passers from falling.

You can find these healthy and abundant water lilies in the right side of the Natures Park’s pond.

It’s filled with water lilies.

Pine Tree Philippines

The Boat

Biking in the Park

Fiery Tree


Vicinity Guide


This is the natures park’s vicinity guide for the visitors. The inscriptions are a little fade already since it’s been there for almost half a decade. It’s uniquely made making it complements to the area.