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A String of Attention


Usually, young children got their focus on things we couldn’t even understand why. Like this little boy in the picture. This is my nephew Stanlee. Raising his head towards the end of a string. Honestly, what catches him most is the blue balloon at the end of the string.  Who can ever resist a balloon so colorful. Me neither. Yet for me, on that day he was the one that catches my attention.  

Young children and artists share the same sentiments. A child is like an artist. Artists don’t see things the way normal people do. They have their eyes on things that normal people can’t understand. Well, I believe an artist got the eyes of a child too. Pure & simple.



Two bundles of firewood. This is one of the few things my husband do aside farming. This firewood will do well for cooking and some other things. In the Philippines, people in the countryside buy firewood and use them for cooking. A bundle is bought 25-50 Philippine Peso depending on its size. This one cost 50 peso. 


My daughter loves following his father who is usually working in the farm. And his father loves all about her interventions. It doesn’t really matter how messy they will go.

This one is her little pose after checking the squash seedlings planted by her father. Isn’t it lovely? I believe it is lovely.


At times, when things get older and worn out, they also became worthless and turn out to be a junk. Just thrown on the side and be ignored. And yet art isn’t really like that. Art is art and it normally gets its price when it gets older.

Here is another piece of my photography that features a worn-out trash can. I’m terrible sorry for it. I hope I was able to gave it justice after posted this in my blog.


My husband is preoccupied with his squash. He’s raising a few dozens of them just to have fun and to learn the process along the way. He loves cultivating the land. A little primitive but I believe it is as good as ever.

Connecting the land and nature is the best way to understand them. Supplemental reading also help a lot. And these days he discover a few problems. One of them is the Yellow Squash Beetles. They are small but terrible. They eat the squash leaves and the fruits as well.

Well, I don’t know how dangerous they are anyway. So instead, I just grab my camera and took a picture. Hoping other people knows about it and get informed or give information about it. I would be more delighted.


Most kids loves playing along with almost everything. My daughter who is just two years old is not an excuse to it and she really loves playing small stones and rocks. She loves putting them together and throwing them away when she likes it.This pictures shows that fun time.





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